• We offer classes for three, four, & five year olds.
  • Teacher: Ms. Ober
  • Download the registration packet here
  • Serving families from all around the Capital District including Niskayuna, Schenectady, Glenville, Scotia and Clifton Park.


  • Open Enrollment for the 2016-2017 school year has begun! Download the registration packet here.

Our Educational Philosophy

Children are encouraged to be independent and self-motivated by learning through self-directed play and guided group activities. They are allowed to grow at their own pace while learning social, emotional, and intellectual skills.

A cooperative nursery school is a school in which parents have the unique opportunity to participate in their child's first experience with school. Through their involvement in the classroom, parents ease the children's transition from home to a classroom environment while seeing for themselves how their children learn and grow and interact with others.

Self Esteem and independence are so important in a child's development. Niskayuna Co-operative Nursery School works with you and your child to develop these skills for the coming years. Your child will get the confidence they need to take the next step to Kindergarten and the Elementary School years ahead.


The Niskayuna Cooperative Nursery School was founded in 1960 and is chartered with the New York State Board of Regents.

Tuition And Fees

2016-2017 School Year

Tuition costs at our school are used to pay classroom rent, teacher's salary, insurance and other operating costs. For the 2016-2017 school year, our tuition rates are as follows:

  • 2-Day Class: $100/month ($1000/year)
  • 3-Day Class: $125/month ($1250/year)
  • Registration Fee: $55.00 (non-refundable)
  • Supply Fee: $25.00

Download the registration packet.


In the cooperative spirit of this nursery school, parents are required to serve on the executive board or on committees. There are a variety of board positions and committees to choose from.

Committee Description
Hospitality Makes refreshments for parent meetings and open house. Helps coordinate the Family Dinner held in February.
Housekeeping Leads clean-up days with participating families. Launders towels and dramatic play costumes.
Publicity Assists Publicity Chairperson with distributing and posting flyers to advertise school events to the community throughout the year. Maintains and updates the website.
Arts, Crafts, & Sewing Maintains parents bulletin board with seasonal decorations (four times a year). Mends dramatic play costumes, doll clothes, smocks as needed.
T-shirts and Original Works Distributes sportswear order forms at September Parent Meeting, collects and places orders and distributes purchased items in the early fall. Distributes order forms, collects and places orders and distributes purchased items for Original Works fundraiser in the spring involving gifts made from the children's artwork.
Silent Auction Helps organize this Springtime fundraiser which includes selecting a banquet-type location to hold the event, contacting local merchants and families for prize donations, organizing auction display and procedures, and sending thank you notes to donors.
Class Photos Schedules and coordinates class photos with professional photographer and manages associated orders in the spring.
Scholastic Books Distributes catalogs/order forms, collects and places orders and distributes purchased items for this monthly book program.
Garage Sale Assists the Garage Sale Chairperson in planning and managing the annual Garage Sale fundraiser in November. Committee members help with sorting and organizing items collected throughout the fall, and setting up, running and cleaning up the sale at the Niskayuna High School. Organizes a bake sale to raise additional funds on the day of the Sale.
Playground and Equipment Maintains playground equipment, classroom furniture, and toys as needed.
Grant Writer Seeks out and applies for grants as they become available at various institutions (both public and private) and follows through with any requests the institutions may have.

Our Traditions

Summer Play Dates and Picnic

Parents coordinate their schedules to get together over the summer so that parents and children can become familiar with each other. Many pack a lunch every time, and traditionally, the final play date is joined by the teacher, who brings along dessert to share.

Summer Home Visits

The teacher makes a quick visit (10 minutes or so) to each child's home. This is an opportunity for each child to ask about school and to become more familiar with the teacher.

Phase-in Days

A short school day in the class is a gentle way to begin the school year. The two-day class will be divided into two sessions.

Apple Picking

While the new 3-year-olds continue to adjust to the classroom, our adventurous four-year-olds take a trip to the apple orchard, with stories and cooking in class with their bounty.

Garage Sale

A major fundraiser and well-known annual event in the community, all families participate in the garage sale.

Halloween Party

The children scoop out pumpkin seeds and toast them and enjoy other spooky activities like creating finger ghosts at circle time. Parents send along tricks or treats for their children to distribute to their friends.

Family Dinner

Students and their families come together to share pizza or potluck. With music and dancing and special crafts, this event is fun for everyone.

Valentine's Day

Students address Valentines to each of their classmates and deliver them to homemade mailboxes.

Original Works

Students' special artwork is reproduced for t-shirts, mouse pads, mugs, etc. . . . This great fundraiser is generally timed so that you can take care of your Mother's Day shopping for Grandma.

School Pictures (Spring)

Individual and group class portraits take place during a normal school day. You can bring along siblings and have them pose for their own portraits or with their preschool brother or sister.

Dessert Night

Students share a special night with dad (or a special someone) enjoying desserts that they've prepared in school.

I Love You Tea

Students share a morning with mom (or a special someone), entertaining her and presenting her with a handmade gift.

Parent-Teacher Conferences (Spring)

This is an opportunity for the teacher to cover basic information about how your child has been evolving in school. Of course, if you have specific concerns you can always ask the teacher. You'll also have the opportunity to see all of the children learning and growing during helping parent days.

Silent Auction

This fundraiser is a night out for grown ups. Bargains for you and income for the school.

Baby Chicks

Each spring, the children breathlessly await the arrival of new baby chicks, counting off the days until hatching time, and carefully turning eggs each time they come to class.

Nature Hike

The classes take advantage of our excellent location to hike from the school into Central Park. After school, many parents and siblings join the students for a picnic lunch at the playground.

Summer Birthday Party

Students who have birthdays during the school year enjoy being helpers on their special days, and the summer birthday crowd shares a special party with their classmates at the end of the year.

Board Members

Co-Chairs email Jasmine Beckingham
Jaime Lansing
Vice-Chair email Lynn Roman
Registrar email Jessica Nikodem
Treasurer email Kelli DeSalvatore
Secretary email Lindsey Zima
Garage Sale email Andy Lalla
Mark Lansing
Publicity email Nicole Normandin
Silent Auction email Mary-Jane Rooney
Bridget Miner
Two Day Class Chair email Jessica LaFex
Three Day Class Chair email Jessica Rowe